CLASSIC WORLD Puzzle Learning to Count Vegetables Pyramid Blocks 10 pcs.

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CLASSIC WORLD Puzzle Learning to Count Vegetables is a set of 10 cartons, on each of them are painted beautiful colorful vegetables in the appropriate number, which is also placed on the cardboard. In addition, after laying all the elements on each other, we will get a picture of how vegetables are grown on the farm. The toy helps you learn to count, name numbers, vegetables and sizes. A great way to spend free time with your child combined with learning. On each of the pieces of the puzzle is also placed the name of the vegetable presented in the figure. The puzzle stimulates the imagination and curiosity of learning about the world by the child.


  • - the set consists of 10 cardboard boxes
  • - on each box there is a number, a picture showing the given number of a given vegetable, the name and a picture of how the vegetable is grown
  • - the product is intended for children over 18 months of age
  • - Product dimensions: 16.5 x 16.5 x 16.5 (cm)


  • - helps in learning numbers,
  • - helps in learning the names of vegetables
  • - helps in learning to distinguish between sizes
  • - stimulates the curiosity to explore the world around us
  • - helps in the development of motor coordination

Ecotoys are addressed to the youngest children, which are made of completely natural, biodegradable and hypoallergenic materials, thanks to which they are one hundred percent safe and harmless not only for the environment itself, but also for your child.

Classic World toys introduce children to a new dimension of fantastic fun! Classic World are wooden, ecological toys, whose aim is not only to give fun, but also to develop the creativity of children, develop emotional sensitivity or teach how to make friends. Classic World musical toys deserve a special mention - they allow you to build musical sensitivity in the youngest children.

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