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Fire? Dangerous accident?

The fire brigade sounds an alarm, it's time to go into action!

These tasks can be handled by shared firefighters, but they need your help to reach the scene of action safely. Guide them in such a way that everyone efficiently leaves the base avoiding bumps.

When providing assistance, time plays a key role. Rush hour has begun and a traffic jam has formed in the city? Choose a helicopter, it will be faster. It is waiting for you at the top of the building.

This unique garage consists of four levels! The first three are intended for parking fire trucks. There will be a place for vehicles included in the set, but also a place to park will find other favorite cars of your child.

The last level is a helipad that is included in the kit.

You can reach all floors by elevator, to set it in motion just turn the knob located on the side of the building.

What does a real firefighter need to put out a fire? Fire extinguishers, of course! You will also find it in the set.

Additional accessories will make the fun even more interesting.

A great set that will provide a lot of creative fun.

You can be sure that your child will not have time for boredom.

By playing with the parking lot, the child will stimulate creativity, support the development of logical thinking and will be a great way to practice manual skills.

The fun starts from the moment of syntax. Parking is for self-assembly.

Building a garage together will provide your child with a lot of joy and satisfaction, and at the same time will be a great excuse to improve cooperation skills and efficient communication.

We are well aware that good fun is safe fun, which is why we made sure that all elements were carefully sanded and covered with non-toxic paint in such a way that the child does not stick a splinter.

A great gift idea for a future firefighter and all little motoring fans.

Kit Contents:

  • Elements for assembling the car park

  • set of screws
  • 2x vehicles
  • 2x firefighters
  • bollard
  • Flame
  • Fire extinguisher

Material: Wood

Garage dimensions: 34cm X 21cmX 32cm

Package dimensions: 37cm x 33cmx 21cm

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