WOOPIE ART&FUN Jewellery Making Set Bracelets Pendants Rings Earrings with Butterflies

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The Jewellery Making Set from the WOOPIE brand is a stylish, creative and phenomenal set for every child. The child can independently mix and match different beads and pendants to create his unique bracelet, ring, earrings or pendant. The child can wear the bracelet alone or give it to someone close to you. The set contains various types of elements: beads of various sizes, pendants, elements resembling animals, and fishing lines. The set is packed in a colorful box with a convenient carrying handle, perfect for a gift. After unpacking, the set is easily portable, it is light and handy, which makes it easy for the child to take it with him to kindergarten, to a friend, to the garden. The packaging also has the form of an organizer, which will allow you to safely store small elements included in the set. Playing in creating jewelry has a positive effect on the child's development, shapes his artistic abilities along with the development of imagination and creativity, while practicing concentration; develops manual / motor skills, the so-called "small motor skills" (hand movement), as well as when playing with friends, teaches cooperation, sharing and improves social and integration skills.


  • - toy from 6 years of age
  • - the game is to create a bracelet or pendant
  • - a variety of elements allows you to create an unlimited amount of different jewelry
  • - easily portable - lightweight, handy and small size
  • - organizer function - will allow you to safely store small items
  • - colorful packaging with a convenient handle - perfect for a gift

The toy develops:

  • - imagination and creativity
  • - manual skills - small motor skills
  • - sharing and cooperation

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