Fridge magnets Wooden dinosaurs Viga Toys 20 pcs

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Children have various interests and like to surround themselves with objects that are clearly associated with the topic they like. They can be cars, firefighters, but often also dinosaurs. Prehistoric animals may not be typical cuddle sweets, but they arouse the sympathy of the youngest.

A set of 20 magnets depicting dinosaurs, and elements of the environment that are associated with them, such as palm trees or a volcano. A true fan of dinosaurs will surely be delighted with them, being able to arrange various sceneries from the available elements.

Magnets are great as a decoration of the refrigerator, but they can also be used on boards or other surfaces to which the magnet will be attracted.

They are also great as a teaching aid during lessons about dinosaurs! Children will be delighted to see what the creatures that once walked on our planet looked like, and reigned on it.

The pictures are made of high quality wood.

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